Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Look What I Dug Up!

I was rearranging some things in my stamping studio and unearthed an old project kit. It made 8 cards and envelopes like this:
And you always have extra things lift over when you use Stampin' Up! kits, and I just can't throw that stuff away. So, I then made all these layouts with the scraps from the kit and other scraps laying on my desk.
I made a total of 26 cards from the scraps


  1. Don't you love finding something that inspires you. I need to find something :-) First I need inspiration to clean off my table.

  2. Well, cleaning off the table was part of this process and glad to use up some of those pieces that were sitting there waiting to be used or filed. Much rather use them than to file them away to be forgotten!