Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Ornaments

Every year I have made ornaments for Christmas Eve and day services. The first year I intended them to be for the children but didn't really know how many to make. So, had lots of extras and gave one to each household. Everyone loved them so much that I made the same number the next year. I make about 90 of them. Each child gets one during the children's lesson and then other households get one as they exit.
Usually I know what I'm doing and have them done by November but wound up doing them the weekend before Christmas this year. I found the idea on Pinterest and then modified it a bit acoording to my husband's wishes. I am so glad I have the Big Shot rosette die cut! And that I don't throw anything out. Because once I realized I needed 12 inch paper it was too late to order it in time to make them. But I found some 12 x 12 heavy paper that had come in a scrapbook. It was so much easy to fold than card stock, too.

And those are just the paper craft projects I've been working on the last two weeks. I also made a quillow (small quilt that folds into a pillow) for the newest baby in the family, a scarf for sisters scarf challenge (sister Carol saw a scarf made with yarn and ribbon and challenge us each to make one and bring to Christmas gathering) and did some holiday baking. So, yes, I'd say my energy has improved and I'm feeling better! Thanks be to God and all the prayers being said on my behalf.

The quillow:  unfinished top and the completed item.

 The challenge scarf. It will be fun to see what the other scarves look like.

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