Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Designs

These are the remaining cards from the shoebox party; all with a Christmas theme. The top three were designed by nieces, three sisters. One niece designed the two middle cards so the youngest sister could come and create with us. I love the hexagon punch tree on top and the Gorgeous Grunge tree below. Creative ways to use non-holiday supplies.
The third card had a similar layout to mine. Sometimes it is eerie how alike we can all be!
The bottom card was made at our hostess' station. She's not even related to us but we have come to just treat her like one of the family. She had lots of paper and shapes and stamped images and stamp sets out for us to make a card. She was a great hostess, inviting us to come early for soup and sandwiches. She had lots of liquid refreshments, too and pumpkin gooey butter cake. A new twist on a St. Louis favorite! I hope we keep planning these parties. We always come up with some memorable expressions and plot ways to drive each other crazy!

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