Monday, February 29, 2016

Paper Scraps

I had two packs of Designer Series Paper that just had scraps of paper left in them. I remembered seeing a similar card on Pinterest but decided I didn't want to hunt for it to CASE. So, made this on my own. I started with the top card because that packet had lots of long skinny scraps. I glued the expression strip down first and then added the strips above and below. the first strips were cut at just the angle I needed for the bottom pieces. But then as I got to the top of the card the angles were wrong. So, I had to cut them and it wasn't as easy to assemble. So, for the second card I drew a pencil lines where the white piece of card stock would go and then layered the strips on the card. This was so much easier. For one thing I could lay down a layer of adhesive on the backing using a Stampin' Glue Stick. By adding the white expression strip last I didn't have to worry about the angle on the bottom pieces since the white would cover the ends.

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